Relifa is an initiative providing food, medicines and other essential relief supplies in combating the attendant consequences of covid-19 pandemic restrictions.  Relifa leverages on GIS, mobile technology, Instant Messaging, and a network of ward representatives to identify real vulnerable people and link them to supplies from NGOs and individual donors.


Relifa as a platform solves the problems of providing essential supplies to ‘real’ vulnerable in our communities. Covid-19 undoubtedly poses a great public health threat to Nigeria as a nation- Hence the need for the lockdown and restrictions (Stay At Home). On the other hand, these restrictions place barriers to the economic lives of the average Nigerians who need to make ends meet by “Not Staying At Home”. Through our work at Relifa, we provide essential supplies to cushion the effect of these restrictions which will invariably help flatten the curve (of Covid-19).


Our approach is super unique because of our verification model. We identify these vulnerable at the ward level of the state via our volunteers. Our volunteers are saddled with the responsibility of identifying the deserving beneficiaries of our essential supplies. As part of our verification model, we obtain GIS location, personal information, audio-visuals on all pre-selected volunteers before they receive these essentials.


We pool resources from NGOs, Businesses and Individuals to meet the demands of these vulnerable population.

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